Unsolicited Materials

Through the Site, Nak Armstrong requests that you provide certain types of information so that Nak Armstrong may service you better. Please do not provide Nak Armstrong with business, advertising, creative, and/or marketing materials or any other types of proposals, concepts, know-how, ideas, and the like (“Unsolicited Materials”). All Unsolicited Materials that we receive will not be subject to this Privacy Policy. By submitting any Unsolicited Materials, you agree that Nak Armstrong shall have the sole discretion as to how to utilize such Unsolicited Materials, and you automatically provide to Nak Armstrong a perpetual, royalty-free license to use and exploit the Unsolicited Materials in any manner in its sole discretion. If any Unsolicited Materials that you provide to Nak Armstrong are protected by third-party copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights, you agree to indemnify Nak Armstrong against any claims or actions brought against Nak Armstrong relating to Nak Armstrong’s use and/or possession of the Unsolicited Materials. Nak Armstrong shall have no obligation to return any Unsolicited Materials which it receives.